Bunnies begin International Artist Residency in Manchester’s Alexandra Park

for our savvy social media followers, this will come as no surprise...

...but we are thrilled to formally announce that the Pankhurst in the Park 2016 international artist(s) in residence will be the celebrated Bunny Collective, who will take up residence at Alexandra Park in Manchester, from March – May 2016.

Bunny Collective is comprised of eighteen female artists from Ireland, UK, South Korea and The United Arab Emirates whose practices span photography, design, illustration, installation, fashion, and multi-media. Founded in 2013 in Cork, Ireland, by Samantha Conlon, the group aims to showcase the work of emerging artists with a focus on issues of gender, the body, sexuality and technology. 

© Hazell Caitlin, Bunny Collective

© Hazell Caitlin, Bunny Collective

Pankhurst in the Park's international artist residency will see Bunny Collective create a dynamic project of skill-sharing and mentoring. With an emphasis on ‘sisterhood’, Bunny Collective will interact with local teenage girls, encouraging them to engage with art and the significant feminist history of suffrage in the area around Alexandra Park.

By providing workshops in fields that are either historically male-dominated (such as technology and art) or dismissed as feminine labour or ‘women’s work’, Bunny Collective will aim to provide access to skills that local girls might otherwise be alienated from, and encourage them to foster a deeper connection to their own community.

The residency will culminate in a collaborative exhibition exploring the theme of ‘Sisterhood’ through the lens of the site-specific history of radical feminist action. The exhibition will be installed in Alexandra Park in collaboration with The School of Architecture at Manchester Metropolitan University, and will be accompanied by a series of live performances and public lectures interrogating the life and work of Emmeline Pankhurst within the context of contemporary feminist culture and practice.

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