Pankhurst in the Park 2014 AiR Artist


The 2014 Pankhurst in the Park programme included the Park’s first International Artist Residency, Go! Push Pops from Brooklyn, New York. Commissioned by Alexandra Arts for Pankhurst in the Park 2014, HOLY CREATRIXXX – ritual gathering, divine incantation and mystical neo-shamanic coven – was Go! Push Pops’ first work overseas and most comprehensive public project to date. See photo's here.

Artist Statement

Go! Push Pops work as a queer, radical, transnational collective that models the future of feminism and art. It signals the dawning of a golden age in which art is the germinating seed of global citizenship, cosmic creativity and artists as conscious leaders, radical shape-shifters and change-makers. In our collaboration-based model, we work with a rotating hive of artists, allowing our freewheeling creative work and consciousness-raising to spread out tribally like a rhizome.  Eschewing the Art world’s crumbling commercial marketplace and fetishistic relationship to difference and Otherness, our work is traced down through the lineages of folk art (to use today’s vernacular - shamanism, witchcraft, hip hop, yoga).

Our pop-culture inflected fusion of these powerful, ancient and holistic medicines reestablishes Art as the primary binding agent of community. Improvisation-based, our organic approach to performance flows seamlessly in and out of the sacred rituals of daily life. We are embodied feminists, bringers of light and love, anchored to our power center, manifesting the new paradigm with our voices, drawing earth energy up through our feet and shooting up to the Goddess-head at our crown. Go! Push Pops are mystical rainbow warriors interfacing with the archetypal realm and when we perform we channel the omnipotence of great Gods and Goddesses.

Alexandra Arts produced a video artist portrait of Go! Push Pops whilst they where Artist in Residence in Manchester's Alexandra Park. We also produced three artist portraits during Pankhurst in the Park 2014, other artists included; Naomi Kashiwagi and Sarah Hardacre.

Alexandra Arts is a member Res Artist - the worldwide network of artist in residencies. An association of over 400 centers and organisations in over 70 countries.