Tasha Whittle

Tasha Whittle is a multidisciplinary artist based in Manchester, UK. Her practice involves, drawing, mural painting, screen printing, site specific installations and interactive analogue sound sculptures through collaborative practice. Founder of Outhouse - an outdoor project space for public art based in various locations around Manchester's Northern Quarter. 

@thecolouringbox // @outhousemcr

“As a practicing artist and illustrator I like to incorporate as many different mediums as possible, as I believe that by challenging myself to work on new surfaces and with different materials my work can naturally develop and constantly evolve.”

Tasha Whittle will be performing a ‘visual and sonic’ composition piece alongside photographer and filmmaker Elisa Garcia de la Huerta using a home-made analogue synthesiser, Glyn. Photographs and a bio provided by Tasha close the edition of the Art 511 Mag commissioned by PitP alongside the publication earlier this year - read and download it here

Tasha will also be intrinsically involved in defining the direction of the “Art as Activism Toolkit” project, produced alongside St. Mary’s School. The initiative aims to open a dialogue for workshops centring around creativity and making as tools for allowing one’s voice to be heard regarding key cultural issues.