SNO (Selina Nongaliphe Oliphant)


SNO grew up in the township of Bophelong in the Vaal, South Africa, where her uncle was the finest collector of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Afrobeat and Disco. He suffocated her with tune after tune for years. When he sold his collection, SNO felt loss that the artist still hasn’t felt to date.

Once SNO managed to get a proper turntable at home last year in 2015, she started collecting the records her uncle sold, and more. On the 17th July 2015, SNO was thrown in the lion's den at Soup Kitchen, Manchester and played a 4hrs set. SNO's now definitive presence on the Manchester DJ scene has been sudden due in no small part to the diversity and depth of her record bag. Not one to be pinned to a genre, her love of hip hop and bass styles co-exists with the finest Afrobeat, Jazz and rare groove selections.

SNO's mix for Jamie Groovement of Groovement, led to entertaining the masses of Manchester at the The Hilary Step, opening for the Roots Before Branches crew at The Spoon Inn, and Gilles Peterson courtesy of Banana Hill crew this past February. 

Check out her monthly show on called Dip It Low with SNO, every 4th Tuesday of the month from 7 – 9 UK time.

SNO is also a new resident at Idle Moments, where every 3rd Sunday of the month she spins at The Live Room , 94 – 96 Grosvernor Street, M1 7HL, Manchester - Jazz, African, Latin and Funk diaspora for your delectation.