Legacy Fatale

Pankhurst in the Park performance, 8-11 March and 12 March 2016.


LEGACY FATALE is an interdisciplinary performance art collective born in New York City. Its concept is based on recent archeological evidences of the ancient nomadic Amazons warrior women. The collective represents a breed of hybrid historic and pop cultural icons, a cross-pollination of mythical and contemporary female archetypes. 

LEGACY FATALE evolves in cycles of choreographies and site-specific installations, channeling ancient power of feminine leadership into a creative model of consciousness raising communities. Its title is derived from the long legacy of women’s sacrifices subjected to violence from organized societies with the contemporary iconographies and ideals of femme fatale prevailing in our media industry.

Legacy Fatale and Pankhurst in the Park


Through a series of intensifying performances, Legacy Fatale will expand upon the lexicon of the female power struggle, bridging myth, history and pop culture. Taking cues from the legendary Amazon Warriors, the iconic Wonder Woman, and the fierce Suffragettes, the collective will integrate social protest, ancient symbology and Bartitsu practices paying homage to feminisms' ferocious heritage.

The Lasso of Truth is a performance in 5 movements, representing an awakening from oppression to liberation, actualizing the methodology of protest, transforming into Wonder Women, battling for equality, and uniting solidarity. Legacy Fatale intentionally embeds references to contemporary female choreographers, feminist artists and the practice of Suffrajitsu throughout the piece. The stage is defined within a Triangle, a space that symbolizes feminine, ancient sacred geometry and the structure of power. The sound is an original score by experimental composer Pierrot Carrilero with ethereal and pop elements that enhance the theatrical aspect. Designed by Legacy Fatale, the costumes are a fusion of Victorian-Era fashion and the collective's trademark zebra pattern, alluding to the nomadic tribe of Amazons Warriors. The leaders wear specially commissioned head-pieces by Victoria's Secret jewelry maker David Mandel. 

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