Artist Naomi Kashiwagi

Representing the Alexandra Arts crew, Artist Naomi Kashiwagi will be performing at the Alexandra Park HLF Celebration weekender, 

Gramophonica (Pankhurst Remix)

Speakers’ Corner

Alexandra Park

30th August (tbc)

For Gramophonica (Pankhurst Remix), Naomi will perform live gramophone glitching on a wind-up gramophone turntable with a naturally bedazzling backdrop amongst the trees. She will play the 78rpm shellac record, ‘It always rains before the rainbow’ sung by Vera Lynn that will be re-appropriated with electrical tape in the Suffragettes colours. These colours are white for purity, green for hope, and purple for dignity.

The electrical tape adds an additional tactile layer that in turn creates unexpected percussive discordances, harmonies and manually maintained locked grooves when the record is played. This approach to gramophone turntablism shows the potential to transform sounds from a specific era to sounds that sound post contemporaneous, like Detroit House Music or Ambient Techno.