Pankhurst in the Park Commision # 1 - Emmeline Pankhurst portrait

02 emmeline small.jpg

Happy birthday Emmeline Pankhurst! Although she always claimed it was the 14th of July - Bastille Day.

Alexandra Arts are celebrating the Iconic Suffraggette leader this year, with a programme called 'Pankurst in the Park', and our first commission has been completed! It's a wonderful graphite portrait of Emmeilne Pankhurst by local, emerging Artist Katarzyna Jablonska.

Look out for Miss Jablonska and her portrait in our Artist talk series and exhibition as part of Pankhurst in the Park. Limited edition prints will also be available in our new onilne shop when it is launched later in the year, so stay tuned!



The film clip below shows Katarzyna drawing Estas Tonne, and was shown at our bicycled powered cinema during the official opening of Alexandra Park on Saturday the 30th of August.