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Pankhurst in the Park presents Legacy Fatale

Pankhurst in the Park kicks off with a Suffrajitsu Wonder Warrior performance

Alexandra Art is kicking off the 'Pankhurst in the Park' 2016 programme of events by taking part in 'Wonder Women'. For this radical fem fest Alexandra Arts are working with New York based collective LEGACY FATALE, led by artists Coco Dolle and Shawn Bishop.

LEGACY FATALE is a performance choreography group founded in 2008 that celebrates the ancient nomadic warrior women of the Amazon. The collective represents a breed of hybrid historic and pop cultural icons, a cross-pollination of mythical and contemporary female archetypes.


A Thousand times Thy Light


Woodstock, New York


This commissioned choreography piece is a fusion of Mrs Pankhurst’s ‘Suffrajitsu’ bodyguards - the elite secret society of “Amazons”, women trained in the martial art of Bartitsu - and an animal print extravaganza that will be popping up across the city (look out for locations via social media) between Tuesday 8th March (International Woman's Day) and Friday 11th March. This micro-residency will lead up to an interactive 'Wonder Warrior' performance and artist presentation as part of PitP's official launch party with DJ Andrea Trout at the 'Tea Hive' Pavilion in Alexandra Park on 12 March, 2016.

“Through a series of intensifying performances, Legacy Fatale will expand upon the lexicon of the female power struggle, bridging myth, history and pop culture. Taking cues from the legendary Amazon Warriors, the iconic Wonder Woman, and the fierce Suffragettes, we will integrate social protest, ancient symbology and Bartitsu practices paying homage to feminisms' ferocious heritage” - Coco Dolle and Shawn Bishop of LEGACY FATALE

Alexandra Arts

Pankhurst in the Park 2016 – presents Legacy Fatale

'Tea Hive' Pavilion, Alexandra Park, M16 8PJ Manchester

Date: 12 March, 2016

Times: 6pm - midnight (18+)


Wonder Women

This event is part of Wonder Women, Manchester’s annual feminist festival. From 3-13 March 2016, 'Wonder Women' celebrates the women’s movement, which was born in our city, through film, art, music, walking tours, gallery takeovers, comedy and debate, asking how far we’ve come in 100 years – and how far we have yet to go.

Pankhurst in the Park

Pankhurst in the Park 2016 is an Arts Council England funded, public programme of free age-friendly events, artist commissions, an international artist in residency and educational programme, taking place in Manchester March – May 2016.

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Tea Hive Alexandra Park

Family Day at Tea Hive Alexandra Park

Following a series of successful pop ups for Pankhurst in the Park over the last year, we are very excited to announce Tea Hive have secured the tender to run the Alexandra Park cafe permanently!

To celebrate this join Alexandra Arts for a family open day on Saturday 6th June from 1-4pm featuring Tea Hive refreshments, kids activities, park heritage and wildlife activities and sports activities plus much more.