Speakers Corner 30-31st of August 2014

Here is our timetable for the Speakers/Performance Corner, during the official opening of the newly restored Alexandra Park.

You can find us in the Park's little woodland, between the Lime Avenue and the North grassed oval. Nearest entrance is Range Road, Alexandra Road South

Saturday 30th of August (each slot 15 min)

2.00pm Welcome to the 'Pankhurst in the Park' programme

2.15pm Peter Kalu - spoken word

2.30pm Colette Williams – the essence of Carnival

2.45pm Tina Tamsho Thomas - spoken word

3.00pm Joanna Wilkes- Moss gardens

3.15pm Daniella Edwards - spoken word

3.30pm Dave Saunders- Whalley Rangers

3.45pm Abi Idowu - spoken word

4.00pm Dan Hasler- The Moss Cider Project

4.15pm Cheryl Martin - spoken word

4.30pm Naomi Kashiwagi - gramophone performance

4.45pm Martin de Mello - spoken word

5.00pm Rev Tony, St Edmunds Church – guitar

5.15pm Joan Ncube - spoken word

5.30pm Julia Parker & Kiki Lazz-Onyenobi - singer

Sunday 31st of August (each slot 15 min)

3.00pm Pankhurst Centre

3.15pm Colin Bennett – Whalley Range Gardeners

3.30pm Akiel Chinelo - spoken word

3.45pm Zahra Alijah- Trustee Hideaway Youth

4.00pm Philip Dodd- Moss Side Community Allotment

4.15pm Peter Kalu- spoken word

4.30pm Claire Cowell - St Margaret's community garden

4.45pm Abi Idowu - spoken word